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System Overview and Services

The Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration (IICMVA) has created a model for online vehicle insurance verification that provides a real-time Internet link to Web services set up by the insurance companies.

The MV VeriSol team has successfully implemented in multiple jurisdictions a comprehensive insurance verification system based on the IICMVA model which provides authorized users with real-time verification of motor vehicle insurance and also performs ongoing verification.  The system automatically can request verification of insurance on every vehicle for which a registration check is run through the DMV system without requiring any personnel or additional data entry to make it work.  The response instantly comes directly from the insurance company and, therefore, it’s the insurance company (and not the state) that says whether or not the vehicle has insurance.


Real-time verification can be performed for each event, such as a traffic stop, crash, registration, renewal, inspection, or court appearance.  The jurisdiction’s administrative, law enforcement, inspection, or other application software automatically sends event-based inquiries to the verification system, including whatever data elements are available, and a response is provided based on insurers’ responses and the jurisdiction’s business rules. The system also can perform ongoing verification to identify cancellations and gaps in coverage.

MV VeriSol can provide one or more system elements or a complete turnkey system, including hardware, software, hosting, consulting, notices to owners, fine collection services, and call center services.


Book of Business (BoB) files submitted by insurers enable MV VeriSol to maintain a database of insured vehicles.  This provides the following advantages: