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MV Solutions and VeriSol have teamed up as MV VeriSol to provide jurisdictions with the most effective solution for identifying uninsured motorists.  MV Solutions and VeriSol, the two industry leaders in motor vehicle insurance verification, have been providing automated insurance verification solutions to jurisdictions since 2003, and are the most experienced team with more implementations than all the other vendors combined.


The solutions offered utilize MV VeriSol's Motor Vehicle Insurance Verification software (MVIV) that performs both event-based verification (traffic stops, registrations, accidents, courts) and ongoing verification to identify cancellations and gaps in coverage.

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The MVIV system allows each jurisdiction the flexibility to implement differently based on that jurisdiction’s legislation, business rules, preferences, system infrastructure, and budget. 

MV VeriSol offers a team of professionals who are considered experts in technologies and processes related to Internet transaction processing, electronic insurance reporting, and financial responsibility.  Team MV VeriSol consists of approximately 50 people located in South Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, and Virginia.

MV VeriSol is currently connected in real-time to more than 1,200 individual insurance companies and is the only vendor that has successfully put into production the IICMVA online Web services model in multiple states where online verification is mandatory for insurers.

All system components and services required by a jurisdiction have been proven for over 15 years and are currently available as a single, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product. This COTS system has been implemented in as little as three months.  National insurance companies doing business in a jurisdiction are already online and providing data to MV VeriSol.  All that is needed is the simple integration with the jurisdiction’s existing systems.